Bespoke Training Courses

Horizon Africa will use their extensive knowledge of several industries to provide valuable training sessions from the supply side for client companies and agencies, and also provide tools to assist in marketing their products/services to target clients.

In addition we provide bespoke training courses for small or large departments, on their own premises or at our centre, rotating the employees by subject modules to ensure that all employees receive training in their job function areas whilst maintaining adequate staffing resources to minimise disruption of operations during the course.

We are also open and happy to discuss any other training requirements you may have in other to achieve your aims

COURSE MIX & DIVERSITY: We would provide experienced and qualified tutors/consultants to lead course and trainings, (local and International experts) with vast experience in training of senior public servants. We may re-organise specific areas into what we consider as logical groupings, to be delivered cohesively to the participants so that the tuition and development process is self-reinforcing.

The modules and tuition are paced to accommodate full attention to the necessary content and to allow questions/ further exploration where this is seen as necessary. We do however maintain a careful watch on the time to keep everything contained. Regular breaks for refreshment/ individual discussions are built into the timings.

We try and ensure that there is a good delegate mix on each course as delegates get great benefits from sharing their experience and expertise. In addition to the formal tuition, many delegates keep in touch both with us and with their fellow delegates over the long term.

Our bespoke courses are run in smaller groups to ensure that they are fully interactive. Tutors/Consultants are experienced in drawing out contributions from all participants (especially the shy or inexperienced ones) and in making all participants feel comfortable.

As well as the basic tuition, all modules will contain – as appropriate – case studies/ short syndicate exercises (with participants in various groupings to provide full cross-fertilisation) and real-life incidents. Participants are encouraged to add their own experiences – we strongly believe that participants can learn from each other as well as from the tuition.

At Horizon Africa, we provide working papers/ copies of the slides to help participants make relevant notes for future reference. We also provide – shortly after the end of the course – a CD/ data-stick with soft copies of the slides and other materials as appropriate. Participants are presented with a Course Participation Certificate during the close-out session.


  • Free action plans
  • Subsidised follow-up tutor or consultant support/training
  • Support from local experts
  • E-Copy and reports